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Hard Boiled Egg Cooker (6-pack)
Hard Boiled Egg Cooker (6-pack)
Hard Boiled Egg Cooker (6-pack)
Hard Boiled Egg Cooker (6-pack)
Hard Boiled Egg Cooker (6-pack)
Hard Boiled Egg Cooker (6-pack)

Hard Boiled Egg Cooker (6-pack)

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Never worry about peeling the egg shells off your hard boiled eggs ever again. Don’t you just hate it when the shells stubbornly stick to the egg whites and your hard boiled egg becomes smaller and lumpy? The Eggify - Hard Boiled Egg Cooker can easily cook your hard boiled eggs without the shells getting in the way!


  • PERFECT EGGS EVERY TIME; Whether you cook poached, hard boiled, soft boiled, or deviled eggs, these all-in-one egg cooker cups will make you a kitchen hero; No shell; No fuss; Perfect taste
  • NON-STICK AND NON-SPILL; Easy to wash and no mess with these premium egg maker cups; Unlike other egg cookers, the non-spill top is designed without holes to prevent leaking before, during and after cooking
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE; FDA Approved and 100% BPA free with six non-stick and non-spill silicone cups and red non-spill lids; Dishwasher safe; Directions are provided to ensure the best cooking experience possible whether using as a poacher, steamer, or a mold for eggs without the shell
  • FUN FOR PARTIES AND KIDS; Whether making deviled eggs that impress at the party or having cooking fun with the kids in the kitchen, you can poach, hard boil and soft boil eggs like a pro every time. Any and all egg sizes are welcome.
  • PREMIUM HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN; Made with durable, top food grade silicone and an air-tight seal to prevent spilling and overheating; All 6 egg cookers are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and ready to use straight from the box


  • Have boiling water ready
  • Spray oil for better use
  • Crack egg into cup
  • Add salt or desired ingredients
  • Seal with lid and place carefully into boiling water
  • Boil until desired texture:
  • Soft- 8 minutes
  • Medium-15 minutes
  • Hard- 20 minutes
  • Place in cold water to cool down and helps come out easier.


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