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8m Car Wheel Decor Protection Sticker
8m Car Wheel Decor Protection Sticker
8m Car Wheel Decor Protection Sticker
8m Car Wheel Decor Protection Sticker
8m Car Wheel Decor Protection Sticker
8m Car Wheel Decor Protection Sticker

8m Car Wheel Decor Protection Sticker

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Product description:
Universal fit for 12" to 19" rims.
Color: Red, Blue, Yellow,Orange, Purple, Pink, Green
U-style wrapper
IPA flexible glue
Backside: 3M strong gel glue tape
full size:8 meters
18-19 inch wheel, 8M / Roll can decorate 5 wheels
20-23 inch wheel, 8M / Roll can decorate 4 wheels
Package includes: 1pcs (8m) car wheel rims decorative strip
: Does this product decorate motorcycle wheels?
: Yes, please look at the bottom of the page for the renderings.
Prepare the product installation tool (scissors)
Before installing the product, please wash with alcohol, wipe the surface water and oil with a clean cloth, and wipe the edge of the hub with adhesive to make the product stick.
Stick the base along the rim of the wheel (before you stick it, use the thumb, the outer panel, the base, and the interface to make it more smooth).
Quickly affixed to the base, do a good mark, reserved 2mm, cut the interface, also with the thumb board can butt.
Interface shear along the base, slowly press the hand into the base groove, and quickly to the interface to do good mark, with reserved 2mm docking can be good.
U-style wrapper, can fit the wheel rim better
Made of high quality IPA flexible glue, cold resistant snd heatproof
Easy to fit, no need to air-bleed and lifting jack
8 meters in full size, enough for four big wheel rims
Backside with 3M strong gel glue tape,will not easy to fall off.
1.Due to the difference between different monitors,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
2.Due to the manual measurement and different measurement methods, please allow 1-3cm deviation.Thanks! 
Matters needing attention:
Do not drive within 2-3 hours after installation
Speed should not exceed 70 yards within 24 hours of installation
No car wash within 48 hours of installation
Tyre should not touch water within one week after installation.
How to replace or remove?
1. Use the scraper to remove, and wipe the glue mark with alcohol.
2. Or use your hair dryer to help remove.
Expertly designed to offer unrivaled performance with good value
an easy to install DIY product. saving you time without compromising the safety and performance of your wheel or tire.
simple, easy way to customize the look of your vehicle without alteration.
Available in one universal size that fits almost any alloy wheel rim up to 22" diameter. fully tested and offer the best performance and value available.


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